HSM Securio B34 High Security Cross Cut Shredder Level 6/P-7

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For data security, consider the HSM Securio B34 Level 6/P-7 High Security Shredder. NSA approved and TAA Complaint, the HSM Securio B34 Level 6/P-7 protects your confidential and top secret information. Government files and classified documents are broken down into 1/32" x 3/16" miniscule and irreparable pieces. Destroying between 10-12 sheets at a time, this shredder creates a total of 12,065 particles per page. The 100% solid steel cutting cylinder features smaller teeth to produce this small cut size. That being said, this high security shredder does not accept staples, paper clips, credit cards, or CDs/DVDs. Feeding these materials will potentially result in significant damage to the cutting head. Overloading the shredder can also damage this cutting cylinder. Users should always try to avoid overfeeding and jamming the shredder. Luckily, HSM's JamStop technology switches the unit into reverse to rectify the problem and restore smooth operation. As a high security shredder, constant lubrication helps to keep your unit in top condition. With the integrated automatic oiler, maintenance is undemanding. This oiling system allows for automatic upkeep, keeping shredding precise and at a high capacity. Users can store a small spare bottle of oil conveniently on the inner cabinet door. The energy-savings technology and whisper quiet operation make this high security unit even more desirable for small offices or personal use. A useful multifunctional button displays operational status, and indicates when there is a paper jam, when the shred bag is full, and if the cabinet door is open. Holding up to 26.4 gallons of waste, this shred bag makes for easy disposal and replacement. The HSM Securio B34 weighs a considerable 77 lbs and offers dimensions of 17.3" D x 21.3" W x 33.3" H. Casters make it easier to move this heavy shredder around the office. German-made and precision engineering guarantee that the HSM Securio B34 Level 6/P-7 shredder will continue to destroy your top secret documents for years to come.

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