HSM Securio B34 1/4" Strip Cut Shredder

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For level 2/P-2 security and mid volume destruction, the HSM Securio B34 strip cut shredder will meet and exceed expectations. This German-made, quality engineered shredder features JamStop, EMCS, and Whisper Shred technology. When a jam is detected, JamStop Anti-Jam works in reverse mode to quickly repair overloaded paper and restore smooth operation. The Energy Management Control System (EMCS) significantly cuts down power consumption while the unit is in stand-by mode. Finally, Whisper Shred ensures low noise operation even during the most strenuous loads. These features make this unit more than just your average office shredder. Now that we've looked at the features, how are the capabilities of this paper shredder? Destroying up to 37 sheets per pass, the HSM Securio B34 turns your documents into 1/4" strips of paper, 38 strips per each page destroyed. While this alone is impressive, this Securio offers a bit more flexibility than simply paper materials. The 100% solid steel cutting cylinder is strong enough to tear through staples, paper clips, credit cards, and even CDs/DVDs. These materials can be fed through the same opening as paper without the worry of damaging the cutting head. A multifunctional operation button enables intuitive use of the machine. This operating and display unit features backlit icons that illuminate if the shred bag is full, cabinet door is open, or a paper jam has occurred.

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