HSM Securio B32 Cross Cut Shredder

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Looking for a cross cut shredder that offers quality features and impressive shredding capabilities? Then the HSM Securio B32 may be the right fit for you. This quiet, energy-efficient paper shredder fights through paper jams and boasts a considerable sheet capacity. The optimized cutting device technology powers through 17-19 sheets per pass, creating 447 cross cut pieces for each page destroyed. Feed your documents into the wide 12.2" throat opening and watch as your once solid sheets are turned into 3/16" x 1 1/8" particles. The generous 21.7 gallon waste bag collects these particles. This removable shred bag is reusable and allows for easy disposal of shredded materials. The HSM Securio B32 offers several features that make this unit popular for smaller offices. The Energy Management Control System decreases power consumption when the unit is in stand-by mode. Operation can be simply reactivated by feeding paper into the throat. This unit will not generate loud and obnoxious operational noise thanks to the Whisper Shred technology. In fact, noise levels are reduced to a near whisper, 55-58 dB more specifically. Like other models, this Securio offers JamStop Anti-Jam technology to fight any paper jam from damaging the shredder head. When a jam is detected, the unit instantly switches into reverse mode to restore smooth operation. A safety folding element is available to prevent unintentional intake and increase user safety. The durable 100% solid steel cutting rollers rip through paper products, accessory items such as staples and paper clips, and even personal items such as credit cards and CDs/DVDs. A multifunctional button displays operational status, indicating to the user when there is a paper jam, the shred bag is full, or the bin is ajar. The sturdy 60 lb. shredder is mounted on trusty mobility casters for trouble-free relocation in the office.

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