HSM Securio B32 1/4" Strip Cut Shredder Level 2/P-2

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The HSM Securio B32 Level 2/P-2 shredder breaks apart documents into 1/4" strips of paper. Shred up to 30 sheets per pass with this unit, with a total of 38 strips created per page destroyed. Solid steel cutting rollers power through paper, staples, paper clips, and even plastic credit cards and CDs/DVDs. If you have old or expired credit cards that need disposing of or CDs or DVDs that hold personal information, look no further than the HSM Securio B32 strip cut shredder. The specially-hardened cutting cylinder offers larger teeth that can handle these kinds of materials without a problem. The HSM Securio B32's continuous duty motor promises reliable operation even during constant loads. The 1/4" strips may fill up the 21.7 gallon shred bag fairly quickly. Keep track of how full this bag gets through the inspection window located on the front of the cabinet door. This reusable bag fits on a pull-out system for quick and easy waste disposal. As a bonus, icons located around the power button illuminate when the shred bag is full or the cabinet door is open. An icon is also available to alert the user to a paper jam. In the event of a paper jam, automatic reverse (JamStop) works to fix the problem and restore smooth operation. After a period of idleness, the shredder will revert into stand-by mode. The Energy Management Control System works to lower power consumption by up to 90% for increased energy savings. This office shredder maintains low noise levels with the closed gear mechanism and Whisper Shred technology. The HSM Securio B32 offers a Comprehensive Safety System for guaranteed user protection. A safety folding element covers the feed opening to prevent unintentional intake. Durable mobility casters make it easier to transport this 56 lb. strip cut shredder.

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