HSM Securio B26 1/4" Strip Cut Shredder Level 2/P-2

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If your small business is looking for a small, but reliable strip cut shredder then look no further, the HSM Securio B26 1/4"Strip Cut shredder is the perfect shredder for you. The B26 only weighs about 53.4 lbs and is only 15.5"D x 19.9"W x 26.6"H. It also come with casters on the bottom which allows for even easier movement of this strip cut shredder. Despite its smaller size, the B26 strip cut is quite the powerful shredder. It is equipped with a 100% solid steel cutting cylinder, which allows for this shredder to destroy up to 30 documents at once. Each document will become 38 small strips of paper. You can easily monitor the filling level of the waste bin by simply looking through the tinted window on the front of the shredder. This particular strip cut shredder can also shred through staples, paper clips, credit cards, and even CDs/DVDs. The HSM Securio B26 is quite easy to operate. It has a multifunctional button that is straightforward and easy to use. The only other button is the reverse button and they are both located at the top of the shredder. You also won't have to deal with shredder maintenance because the B26 will do everything for you. It comes with the latest JamStop Anti-Jam Technology that will fix paper jams for you. When the shredder is overloaded with paper, it will automatically switch to reverse mode and free up the paper jam. It also has a great energy management control system that can reduce an offices power consumption by up to 90% when compared to a standard stand-by switch. The B26 is great for any office that is trying to go green. If you're at all worried about the loud noise that usually comes with shredding, that won't be a problem with the HSM Securio B26 because it has a quiet operation. When the B26 stirp cut is in use, the shredding is no louder than a whisper, so it won't be a distraction to the other employees in the office. Not only does this strip cut shredder extremely quiet, it also has a continuous motor. The continuous motor allows for continual operation, allowing employees to be more productive. The B26 is one of the easiest to use and most reliable strip cut shredder on the market today.

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