220v-50Hz HSM Securio B24 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 6/P-7

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Evaluated and listed on the NSA-EPL (Evaluated Products List), the 220V/50Hz HSM Securio B24 High Security shredder is approved for destroying classified and top secret information. This TAA Compliant shredder boasts the highest security level: level 6/P-7. As the smallest high security shredder, this model offers a 9" throat opening. The 220V/50Hz Securio B24 accepts up to 8 sheets per pass, and produces minuscule 1/32" x 3/16" pieces. In total, each sheet destroyed results in 12,065 confetti-cut particles. As a high security shredder, it is recommended that this unit receive consistent lubrication for optimal performance. The 220V/50Hz HSM Securio B24 comes equipped with an integrated automatic oiler, which lubricates the cutting rollers during operation to keep shredding precise and at high capacity. The multifunction operating button features alerts for paper jams, bin full, and bin ajar. If this shredder is overloaded, a light will display and the JamStop Anti-Jam system will automatically activate. Thanks to JamStop, this shredder will continue to run in reverse until the problem is rectified. With this small shred size, the removable 9 gallon waste container will not fill up as quickly as others. Although the bin full alert will display, users can also monitor shred levels through the convenient inspection window. Designed as a deskside unit, the HSM Securio guarantees quiet operation with the Whisper Shred technology. Reduced noise level goes hand in hand with reduced energy expenditure. Thanks to the Energy Management Control System (EMCS), power consumption is reduced by up to 90% when the unit is in stand-by mode. Although relatively compact (15.5" D x 12.5" W x 23.8" H), the HSM Securio B24 weighs a sturdy 45 lbs. Still, its dimensions allow it to act conveniently as your deskside companion. Rather than walking to the community office shredder, users can eliminate top secret files and confidential data right at their desks! As a German-made unit, users are ensured quality engineering, continuous operation, and reliable results.

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