HSM Securio B22 L4 Cross Cut Shredder

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The lightweight and compact HSM Securio B22 L4 cross cut shredder provides data security to small offices. This micro-cut unit shreds a decent 9-11 sheets of paper at a time. While this sheet capacity may seem low, the Securio B22 makes up for it in security. Producing level 4/P-5, 1/16" x 9/16" particles, the Securio B22 creates an incredible 2,116 micro-cut pieces per page. Occasionally, user may be tempted to feed more paper than this shredder can accept. The JamStop Anti-Jam system works to detect a jam and switch into reverse to rectify the situation. The overloaded paper will be forced out of the feed opening. While shredding paper may be your main priority, most users require a shredder that can destroy supplementary items. Luckily, the induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers of this HSM Securio B22 tear through staples, paper clips, and credit cards. The continuous duty motor powers through documents, no downtime required. The removable waste container holds up to 8.7 gallons, a perfect gallon capacity due to the small particle size. This means fewer trips to the trash or dumpster. Monitor shred levels through the convenient inspection window. The HSM B22 ensures user safety with the folding safety element, which prevents unintentional intake. This shredder will automatically shut off if pressure is applied to this element. In any small office, the quieter the operation the better. Noisy shredding sounds pierce through the calm setting and cause constant disruptions. But not with this HSM model. Thanks to Whisper Shred technology, operational noise is reduced to a near whisper. In addition to reducing shredding sounds, the HSM Securio B22 also reduces energy usage. With Zero Energy Stand-By technology, power consumption is eliminated when the unit is in stand-by mode. To reactivate this machine, the user can simply begin feeding paper. As stated before, this unit is compact, with dimensions of 11.3" D x 14.8" W x 23.1" H, and lightweight, weighing 28.6 lbs. The German-made HSM Securio B22 Level 4/P-5 shredder offers protection for your bills, credit card statements, or other sensitive documents.

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