HSM Securio B22 1/4" Strip Cut Shredder Level 2/P-2

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The HSM Securio B22 Level 2/P-2 Strip Cut Shredder destroys between 22-24 sheets per pass. Your documents are turned into 1/4" strips of paper, a total of 38 strips per page destroyed. For those overly eager to test the limits of this paper shredder, a paper jam may be in your future. No need to call the service tech just yet. The HSM Securio B22 fights paper jams with the JamStop Anti-Jam technology. When a jam is detected, the unit automatically switches into reverse mode until the jammed paper is forced out. For those with stapled or paper clipped documents, the Securio B22 has you covered. Need to destroy old credit cards or CD/DVDs with personal information? Again, the Securio B22 delivers excellent results. The 100% solid steel cutting cylinder tears through these items as easily as paper. These induction-hardened cutting rollers guarantee years of service life. Made in Germany, this HSM shredder offers high-quality materials and proven technology. The Whisper Shred technology means noise from shredding is greatly reduced for significantly quieter operation. This can be a big advantage, especially in smaller offices. For energy-savings, the Zero Energy Stand-By technology eliminates power consumption when this unit is in stand-by mode. Unlike some smaller units, the Securio B22 offers a continuous duty motor, which requires no downtime regardless of the load. The removable waste container, which holds up to 8.7 gallons, features a convenient inspection window for observation and timely emptying. When the bin reaches full capacity, the unit will automatically cease shredding. Furthermore, this unit will not run if the bin is replaced improperly. A good fit for small offices, the HSM Securio B22 offers dimensions of 11.3" D x 14.8" W x 23.1" H. Lightweight, the 26.5 lb. shredder can be easily moved from place to place if needed.

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