HSM Securio Auto Feed 300C Cross Cut Shredder

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The HSM Securio 300C paper shredder is the perfect mix of powerful paper destruction, solid reliable controls, and easy to use control components in a powerful office shredder. The 300C can easily handle 300 sheets of paper at once but it can also handle credit cards, and CD's as well, thanks to its durable, high quality motor that allows for continuous operation. To start this multi-sheet shredding process simply unfold the safety element and open up the lid to the paper cassette. At this point, the "Container or Safety Element Open" display will light up. Place a maximum of 300 sheets into the cassette. Close the lid and fold back the safety element. The "Container or Safety Element Open" display will turn off. The cutting unit will start and your papers will be destroyed to a particle size of 160mm. This shredder comes equipped with a USB stick that functions as a key to the paper cassette. The USB is coded with random number which averts anyone from using any USB device to unlock the machine. Without access to the permitted USB stick, the paper inserted into the cassette cannot be retrieved. This prevents unauthorized personnel from obtaining your sensitive materials. The HSM 300C features many top of the line traits including Nanogrip and EcoSmart Technologies. Nanogrip Technology allows for sheet after sheet to be pulled in securely from the stack of paper in the cassette. EcoSmart technology allows for a meek power consumption of 0.1 watts while in standby mode. The HSM line is made in Germany with high quality materials for security and durability. This shredder in particular comes supplied with cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel complete with a lifetime warranty. With all of these features, the HSM 300C is the perfect paper shredder for your business or office.

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