HSM Pure 630 Strip Cut Shredder

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A step up from the previous Pure models, the Pure 630 personal shredder is larger, designed for office use ideal for 6-11 users. This machine measures in at 35" H x 24.4" W x 19" D and weighs 105 lbs. It comes mounted on mobile casters for ease of use throughout your workplace. This shredder is ideal for office use due to its low power consumption in standby mode and quiet operation minimizing noise development in the workplace. This doesn't mean that the shredder isn't powerful. The 630 model can shred 17 ft/min at a cutting capacity of 40-42 run in sheets. The throat opening is 11.8", making sure to accommodate all of the materials that you need to shred. This shredder can safely handle multiple sheets, paper clips, staples, envelopes, CD's and DVD's. This model comes with HSM's famous hardened solid steel cutting rotors, and a lifetime warranty to ensure your protection. Another awesome feature of this machine is the paper feed overload protection which helps prevent paper jams in the cutting head, which helps save you time. Just like the other Pure strip cut models, the 630 shreds materials to a 1/4" strip size, which is equivalent to security level P-2.

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