HSM Pure 120 Strip Cut Shredder

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The Pure shredders are the newest line of shredders from HSM. With multiple cutting capabilities and a 5.3 gallon bin volume, the Pure 120 Strip Cut shredder is the perfect addition for any home or small office with 1-3 users. HSM is known world-wide for their standard of quality, and this shredder is no exception. The Pure line contains cutting rotors that are made with hardened steel that come complete with a lifetime warranty. These cutting rotors can shred multiple pages, paperclips, staples, and envelopes at a rate of 8.6 ft/min with ease. While running, this shredder is quieter then most others, minimizing unnecessary noise in your home or office. The white button on the top, right side of this machine is the reverse function, used to prevent paper jams. To empty this shredder, simply remove the top of the shredder from the waste bin and empty the contents. Replace the top and you are ready to continue shredding! Another special feature is the ability for this shredder to automatically shut down if there is pressure applies to the safety element, located on the top of the machine in front of the feed opening. This shredder is also very environmentally friendly. When in stand-by mode, it consumes no power.

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