HSM ProfiPack C400 Cardboard Shredder

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The HSM ProfiPack C400 cardboard shredder & perforator picks up where the ProfiPack 400 left off, with a sleeker, more modern look that includes a user friendly touch screen control panel and easily adjustable cutting width which can be set for the exact size packing material needed. The faster and more powerful ProfiPack C400 includes a 1.6 horsepower motor which can shred up to 36.4 feet of cardboard per minute, that's 10 feet more per minute than the original ProfiPack 400. With one pass it quickly turns what was once waste cardboard into reusable, money saving packing materials. The HSM ProfiPack C400 may be more powerful but its still just as compact. This tabletop unit measures a modest 14.76"H x 24.02"W x 15.55"D so it doesn't require a massive amount of floor space. The HSM ProfiPack C400 also has built in recessed handles making it easier to relocate. Its a perfect choice for shipping departments, warehouses and recycling centers.

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