HSM Powerline FA400.2 Cross Cut Shredder

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The FA400.2 industrial shredder is made to plow through large boxes of documents, but still be able to fit in realistic locations. Not all offices have large warehouses or can build specialized rooms to house their centralized shredding equipment. The FA400.2 is also built with the high quality components and features that HSM is known for in their industrial shredder lineup. As with most industrial shredders, HSM built the FA 400.2 with a conveyor for easy feeding. It feeds directly into the induction-hardened solid steel cutting shaft. HSM is so confident in the quality of their cutting cylinder that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Most are already familiar with HSM's fantastic quality, but what we like most about this model is all the features that make it especially convenient and user friendly. JamStop Anti Jam Technology: Like most HSM shredders, the 400.2 features JamStop which works to automatically reverse paper if the machine has been over loaded. Side Tables: Built in loading table holds documents to be shredded. A table extension is also available as an optional accessory. Casters: Built in casters allow the FA 400.2 to be easily relocated wherever and whenever its needed. Shred Bin: The FA 400.2 features an ample 104 gallon shred bin capacity. The heavy duty shred bag comes mounted on a convenient trolley for fast, simple removal and the built in auto stop feature with LED indicator means the shred bag will never over flow These are just a few of the great features we like about the FA 400.2 shredder. If you'd like to learn more be sure to get in touch or request a quote using the button above.

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