HSM PET Crusher 1049 SA

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The HSM PET Crusher 1049 SA offers power and efficiency in a heavy-duty machine. Capable of flattening PET bottles and cans down to 1/3 or 1/4 of the original, the HSM 1049 SA is perfect for volume reduction. The crusher rollers are made out of specially hardened and ground steel, and are thus completely resistant to wear and guaranteed long-lasting. Feed bottles and cans reliably and smoothly thanks to the handy dosing shaft with integrated blades. With a wide throughput capacity, the 1049 SA processing between 2000-2008 bottles per hour. This incredible strength and effectiveness make this the perfect machine for recycling companies, bottle manufacturers, or large distributors of bottles and cans. A durable scraper system within the machine removes the compressed plastic bottles and cans from the crusher rollers in order to avoid blockages and downtime while clearing. The durable cutting head can also be used in combination with any deposit return machine. Worried operating this massive machine will prove too difficult? In reality, the HSM is extremely easy to use thanks to the manual control and user-friendly keypad, which features forward, reverse, and stop functions. What about the display ability of this crusher? The 1049 offers LED display to provide detailed information on the current operational status of the machine. In whole, this HSM model alerts the user when it is ready, overloaded, if the door open, and if the container is full. Intelligent and dedicated to saving you money and energy, the 1049 SA automatically shuts off power after 2 minutes of inactivity.

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