HSM Classic 70.2 Strip Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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HSM Classic 70.2 is first in this prominent line of HSM's Classic shredders. Compact in size, Classic 70.2 packs a powerful punch. This personal or home office shredder accepts paper, as well as staples and paper clips. This eliminates tedious tasks of removing said staples and paper clips from documents before destruction. Destroying 7 sheets of paper is nothing for 100% solid steel cutting cylinder. These wear-resistant cutting rollers will last for years without fail, and are even backed by a lifetime warranty. This German-made, quality shredder produces 1/4" strips of paper, which collect in 3.7 gallon waste bin. While this container may fill up quickly due to shred size, discarding of this waste is incredibly easy. Speaking of easy, on/off rocker switch also includes an integrated reverse function. This reverse mode is important for when paper is overloaded. Paper jams are inevitable, but fairly easy to combat. Simply switch unit into reverse until jammed paper if forced out and smooth operation is restored. petite HSM Classic 70.2 weighs in at 4 lbs. This lightweight unit is extremely easy to move from your home office to your private office at work. 7 1/4" D x 11 5/8" W x 15 1/8" H dimensions mean that Classic 70.2 can sit conveniently next to or underneath any desk or table. As a strip cut shredder, this unit is ideal for those without a security requirement, destroying random everyday and unneeded documents. For shredding personally identifiable information, a cross cut shredder is recommended. Energy-efficient, Classic 70.2 offers Zero Energy Stand-By technology, which eliminates power consumption when in stand-by mode. Another praiseworthy feature is Whisper Shred technology, which lowers shredding noise during operation.

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