HSM Classic 411.2 Cross Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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Designed for larger offices and IT departments with higher volume shredding requirements, the Classic 411.2 by HSM is a versatile cross-cut shredder that can handle a wide variety of materials. This security level 3 shredder can take up to 40 sheets of paper along with staples and paper clips. But the solid steel cutting cylinder is also powerful enough to handle credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks.Busy offices need a shredder that can keep up with the workflow. The 411.2 has a continuous duty motor for constant shredding with no down time. Shredding starts automatically as soon as paper is inserted so large amounts of data can be handled quickly and efficiently. In the event that too much paper has been inserted, the 411.2 has built in JamStop Anti Jam Technology which immediately switches the shredder into reverse until the jam has been cleared. The 411.2 is designed to be not only user friendly but with user safety in mind as well. The large 16" feed opening has a built in safety shield to protect the user from splinters and debris from shredding optical media. Shredding will automatically stop if the large 38.5 shred bag is full or if the shredder door is open. Easy to use controls with an on/off rocker switch and a keyboard with LEDs that show shredder status at a glance. For offices in need of more than just an average paper shredder, the Classic 411.2 offers versatility, reliability and powerful shredding capabilities.

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