HSM Classic 390.3 L5 Cross Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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This professional level document shredder brings together high security and ease of use in a conveniently sized shredder that fits most anywhere in the office. The Classic 390.3 L5 cross cut shredder will shred up to 11 sheets of paper including staples. It quickly turns each sheet into over 7,000 cross cut particles, meeting the requirements for security level 5 / P6.Like all HSM Classic shredders, the key to its powerful cutting capabilities lies in its 100% solid steel cutting cylinder that comes with a lifetime warranty. This is backed up by steel cutting rollers that are made to withstand wear and tear. Plus a powerful motor that's specially geared to handle continuous use. The Classic 390.3 has automatic start / stop shredding, shredding starts as soon as paper is inserted and stops when the last piece has been shredded. Shredder functions are controlled by one simple rocker switch. Even shredder jams are dealt with automatically, the 390.3 comes with JamStop technology which will reverse overloaded paper to prevent and clear jams. The 390.3 stands less than 36" tall but don't let the size fool you, it still holds a generous 39 gallon waste bin with a built in sensor that stops shredding as soon as the bag is full. Convenient castors make it easy to relocate and there's even a handy storage space for stacks of paper to be shredded. It's this attention to details that have made Classic shredders popular for over 25 years.

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