HSM Classic 386.2 Strip Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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IT departments, office floors, and entire departments with lower security requirements will appreciate the HSM Classic 386.2 strip cut shredder. This strip cut shredder boasts a significant sheet capacity and breaks down documents into 1/8" strips. To turn the machine on/off, users employ the handy rocker switch, which also features an integrated reverse function. This reverse function is necessary when the shredder experiences a paper jam. By running the shredder in reverse, the overloaded paper is forced out and smooth operation can be resumed. Once the machine is powered on, users simply need to begin feeding paper for shredding to activate. LED indicators alert the user to operational status. When the last sheet is detected, the unit will automatically cease shredding. The HSM Classic 386.2 accepts up to 23 sheets at once, and creates a total of 56 strips per page. Documents are converted into 1/8" strips, which fall directly into the 31 gallon bin. When this bin is full or when the cabinet door is open, the unit will automatically halt operation. While shredding paper is always a main priority for any office shredder, the HSM Classic 386.2 also handles staples, paper clips, credit cards, and CDs/DVDs. This is a valuable quality especially for offices too busy to worry about the occasional staple or paper clip going through the shredder. The 100% solid steel cutting cylinder is tough enough to handle these materials without fail.

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