HSM Classic 225.2 L5 Cross Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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Busy offices can't go wrong with the HSM Classic 225.2 level 5 cross cut shredder because it is one of the most reliable level 5 shredders on the market today. It's not only reliable today, it will be reliable for many years to come because of its timeless quality. It's not too bulky, it's dimensions are 18.5" D x 19.7" W x 35.2" and weighs 106 lbs. The 225.2 has a 31.7 gallon waste bin that is easy to empty. When the bin is full the shredder will automatically stop and allow you to open the shredder door to empty the bin. Once the bin is emptied and the door is closed, you will be able to begin shredding again. The 225.2 was built to handle a large amount of documents every day. It can even shred documents that have staples. This cross cut shredder is equipped with a 100% solid steel cutting cylinder and solid steel cutting rollers that allow for this shredder to destroy 11 documents at once. Each document will be converted into 7,030 particles that resemble confetti. The solid steel cutting rollers are also wear-resistant which gives them a large lifespan. This powerful cross cut shredder also has the most innovative JamStop Anti-Jam technology that stops jams before they become an issue. When the shredder is loaded with too much paper, it will automatically switch to reverse mode until the jammed paper is free.Not only is this shredder reliable because of its shredding abilities but it's also a great fit for any large office that wants their employees to be productive. With the 225.2 you get a shredder that has a continuous duty operation that allows for continual shredder but leaves very little down time. It also was built for quiet operation so you don't have to worry about the shredder being a distraction for the employees near the shredder. Shredding is no louder than a whisper. The Classic 225.2 is truly the perfect shredder for large offices.

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