HSM Classic 125.2 L5 Cross Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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You can never get much better than the classics, and the same can be said about paper shredders. The HSM Classic 125.2 L5 Cross Cut shredder is one of the many timeless shredders that HSM has developed that will always get the job done. Designed for busy offices, you can always rely on the Classic 125.2 to destroy large amounts of documents that have sensitive information. Its 100% solid steel cutting cylinder makes sure of that by converting each document into 7,030 confetti-like particles. It also comes equipped with solid steel cutting rollers that are wear resistant to ensure for extremely long life span. The 125.2 cross cut shredder is quite easy to relocate within an office because of its smaller size. It only weighs 66 lbs. and its dimensions are only 13.6" D x 17.6" W x 32.6". The 125.2 Level 5 cross cut shredder can shred up to 7 documents at once. It can also shred documents with staples. The shred particles with then fall into a 20-gallon waste bin that is very easy to empty. And while its shredding, the other employees in the office won't even notice because the 125.2 has a quiet operation; the shredding is no louder than a whisper. Its practical design also makes this cross cut shredder very easy to operate. It has one on/off (start/stop) switch that has been integrated with a reverse function which is very straight-forward. Not only is this a powerful shredder that is easy to operate, it also has a modern, timeless light grey design that makes it fit in any office.

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