HSM Classic 125.2 High Security L6 Field-Deployable Cross Cut Shredder (DISCONTINUED)

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Designed for portable use, the HSM Classic 125.2 High Security Field-Deployable paper shredder destroys up to 7 documents at once in any setting. This high security shredder is built for deployable situations for companies that have high security data destruction needs. The 125.2 will shred each document into 12,064 particles that resemble confetti, so that each document is indistinguishable. These tiny particles will fall into its 6.6 gallon waste bin that is easy to empty. Because this high security shredder is built for portable use, its much smaller than the average high security shredder. Its dimensions are only 15" D x 13.6" W x 17.6" H and it only weighs about 66 lbs, so it's very easy to relocate. Although the 125.2 is a classic, it comes with new and innovative features that put this high security shredder at the top of the line. The classic 125.2 has an automatic start/stop (on/off) button that has been integrated with a reverse function as well. It also comes equipped with the latest JamStop Anti-Jam Technology which will help prevent paper jams from occurring. When the shredder is overloaded with too much paper at once, it will automatically switch to reverse mode and free up the jammed paper. Not only will this shredder automatically prevent paper jams but it will also automatically stop when the bin is full or open. This high security shredder is also quite powerful. It has a solid steel cutting cylinder and solid steel cutting rollers that are wear resistant, both of which will last for many years to come. The 125.2 Field Deployable shredder was not only designed for portable use, but it was also designed for continuous use. Its continual motor makes shredding quite fast, leaving little to no downtime. The actual shredding is also whisper quiet so it won't distract the other employees that are not using the shredder. Its classic grey design also makes it aesthetically pleasing in any office.

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