HSM Classic 108.2 L4 Cross Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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Security meets dependability with HSM Classic 108.2 L4 micro-cut shedder. Designed to meet level 4 /P5 security requirements, 108.2 L4 can shred 9 to 11 sheets of paper per pass, turning each one into over 2,000 cross cut particles. Made in Germany, Classic 108.2 L4 offers superior quality and durability. secret to its powerful performance is a continuous duty motor and a 100% solid steel cutting cylinder that comes with a lifetime warranty. When it comes to ease of use, you won't find anything as simple to operate as 108.2. Automatic start / stop, on, off and reverse are all controlled by a single rocker switch. In automatic start/stop mode, shredding begins as soon as paper is detected by photo cell located in feed opening. Shredding stops as soon as feed opening is cleared. When shredding is done Zero Energy Stand-By makes sure that no energy is being wasted while shredder is in stand-by mode. Classic 108.2 uses Whisper Shred Technology to reduce shredding noise which can cause distractions in a busy office. It also comes with a large 13 gallon waste container with a built in monitor that detects when bin is full and immediately shuts shredder off to prevent possible damage to shredder. Classic 108.2 L4 provides peace of mind security of cross-cut shredding along with quality construction and reliable performance that people have come to expect from HSM Classic shredders since 1987.

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