HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard Shredder (Discontinued)

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Designed to be a green solution for packing material, the HSM ProfiPack 425 allows users to repurpose cardboard that would typically be discarded. Remaining compliant with national and international safety regulations, this cardboard shredder offers user-friendly features and creditable shredding capability. The on/off and reverse switch grants ease-of-use operation. The hardened cutting rollers are made of one solid piece of steel and are specially shaped to tear through 2-3 layers of tough cardboard with ease. These cutting rollers, unaffected by small metal parts in the cardboard, guarantee a long service life and that the material is evenly padded. With a driving power of near 4 HP (2.95 kW), the HSM ProfiPack 425 makes the perfect addition to any shipping department. Though this unit offers a narrow throat of 16.7", the operator can fit any size piece of cardboard they choose. The HSM 425 will simply cut off any excess cardboard that does not fit in the shredder. This piece can then be shred separately if desired. A built-in ruler helps the operator measure the desired width of the packaging. While some units require down time, the ProfiPack's continuous duty motor allows for continual shredding without interrupting your workflow.

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