HSM 386.2 Cross Cut Level 4/P-5 Shredder (Discontinued)

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High quality and high performance. These are just two of many attributes that define HSM 386.2 Level 4/P5 cross cut shredder. Ease-of-use is another. on, off and reverse mode are all controlled by a user-friendly rocker switch. Why push a button to activate shredding technology? HSM 386.2 automatically senses paper in 15" feed opening and immediately begins shredding. This German made shredder offers hardened steel cutters which rip through 26 feet per minute. Approximately 12-14 sheets can be broken down into 1/16" x 5/8" cross cut pieces. Not only will HSM 386.2 shred your documents, this unit also tackles occasional staple, paper clip, and credit card. Tried-and ""tested, closed-tooth wheel drive prevents dirt from corroding motor. This prevention slows down any wear on motor and increases service life of this shredder. powerful motor is specially adjusted and rated for longer periods of use. motor and gears are protected from dirt or dust by enclosed housing. This housing also promotes "Whisper Shred" technology, which lessens operational noise for decreased office disturbances. For practical storage space, HSM 386.2 offers optional paper trays to hold paper stacks prior to shredding. specially designed, pull-out system makes bag removal and replacement convenient and simple. This bag holds up to an incredible 31 gallons of waste. Once this container reaches full capacity, HSM 386.2 will automatically cut off to avoid any overflow. While this shredder weighs about 77 lbs., moving this unit takes little effort. Sturdy, mobility casters enable easy relocation throughout your office environment. Whether it's your mail room, copy room, or IT department, HSM 386.2 CC4/P-5 shredder delivers powerful capabilities and office worthy features.

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