HSM 104.3 Cross Cut Level 3/P-4 Shredder (DISCONTINUED)

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This German made, high quality shredder offers exemplary capabilities and features that has established HSM as one of the leaders in data destruction. As a great investment for your home or private office, the HSM Classic 104.3 is compact yet powerful enough to destroy your important documents in seconds. Solid: a perfect way to describe every aspect of the deskside shredder. The solid steel cutting head features wear-resistant cutters that promise durability and longevity. Taking on approximately 12-14 sheets at a time, these cutters break down your documents into 1/8" x 1 1/8" cross cut particles. As a personal shredder, user-friendly operation is expected, and the HSM 104.3 delivers. Manually toggle the on/off rocker switch to the "on" position. Once turned on, the user can begin feeding paper into the 9 1/2" throat opening to activate the shredding process. Regardless of how long you intend on shredding, the HSM 104.3's continuous duty motor can handle it. After the last sheet is destroyed, the unit automatically ceases running. On the off chance your shredder experiences a pesky paper jam, the HSM 104.3 has the answer. The handy rocker switch also features the reverse function, allowing you to run this unit in reverse mode until the jam is fixed. While destroying paper is usually the main priority, many desire a unit with far greater capabilities. Easily tearing through staples, paper clips, and credit cards, the HSM 104.3 is truly a personal shredder. Personal documents, such as statements or junk mail, and personal credit or store cards are diminished in seconds. These pieces fall into a reasonable 8.7 gallon waste container. If you want to monitor how full this container is, simply look through the convenient inspection window. However, observation is not necessary. The HSM 104.3 will automatically shut off when the shredder bin is full or if the bin is removed. While shredding capability is key, features are as important. Again, the HSM 104.3 meets expectations. Environmentally friendly, the HSM 104.3 includes a Zero Energy Stand-By mode, which halts energy consumption while the machine is in stand-by mode. Noisy operation can be annoying and frustrating in any home or small office. Obnoxious shredding sounds lead to considerable interruptions and distractions. HSM promises low, whisper like operation with this deskside unit, helping to keep your work area disturbance free. With dimensions of 11" D x 15 3/8 W x 25 3/16" H, the HSM 104.3 is incredibly compact. This unit can easily fit into tiny or confined spaces. Its size makes this shredder even more appealing for home office or personal use.

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