Granutec TFG 810 Press SIde Granulator

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Granutec TFG 810 Press SIde Granulator: TFG 810 is a press-side granulator from Granutec that reclaims tough, bulky parts, sprues and runners, light sheets, and more. This tangential feed granulator houses high sheer mount counter-angled knives made of D-2 hi-carbon/hi-chrome steel and double-scissor cutting action for precision cuts. tilt-back feed hopper and angled screen cradle makes it easy clean and service without having to remove from press site. In cutting chamber, rotor's downstroke pulls materials into double scissor cutting action, reducing flyback and bouncing. That way, front-feed safety hopper maximizes user safety. TFG 810 also features a sound dampening sheet on hopper that reduces noise levels for quiet operation. For a bigger model, check out TFG 1212 TFG series comes with optional features, accessories, and packages to fit specific needs. For a customized granulator, contact Whitaker Brothers today.

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