Granutec TFG 1212 Press SIde Granulator

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Granutec TFG 1212 Press SIde Granulator: Granutec's TFG 1212 Press Side Granulator can process up to 400 lbs per hour. feed hopper is specially designed to allow easy maintenance and user safety. Easily tilt hopper back and lift screen cradle for servicing without removal from press site. removable flap design minimizes flyback and ensures user safety. A sound dampening sheet on hopper reduces noise levels for quiet operation. Knives made of D-2 hi-carbon/hi-chrome steel work in double-scissor cutting action for clean and precise cutting. This not only requires less power, but extends lifetime of your knives. TFG series comes with optional features, accessories, and packages to fit specific needs. For a customized granulator, contact Whitaker Brothers today.

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