FP PostBase 30 Postage Meter

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The PostBase 30 is the very first in the FP lineup to include a full color touchscreen as a standard feature. This drastically enhances ease of use and decreases the learning curve for new users. Despite being semi-automatic, at 30 pieces per minute the system operates nearly as quickly as a user can feed it. The scale comes in at 5 lbs. which is sufficient for most small to medium size operations and can interface directly with a computer for accounting purposes through the included RemoteOne software. The PostBase 30 connects directly to the internet through any LAN line to download postage and rate updates in seconds rather than minutes.The PostBase series is the only completely upgradable and down-gradable system on the market. With other companies, you sign a document and commit yourself to years of the exact same postage machine. With PostBase, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease speed, scale capacity, account capacity, and differential weighting, and even make it fully automatic or semi automatic at any time! It is the only postage system on the market capable of growing and shrinking with your mailing needs. The PostBase series can also take not only the standard yield ink cartridges (up to 4,000 impressions), but also the much larger and more economical plus size cartridges (up to 22,000 impressions). In either case you will save hundreds of dollars per year on ink costs with the PostBase system. As with all postage machines, Whitaker Brothers is the only dealer to offer the Pay What You See Guarantee.

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