FP MyMail MAX Postage Meter (Discontinued)

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The MyMail MAX was created as one of the easiest to use postage systems in the world. It can either connect to an analog phone line or to a computer and utilize the internet. Easy onscreen navigation and simple menus define the MyMail MAX's operation making it easy for even an untrained user to pick up. The MyMail MAX is easily the most economical postage system in the low end segment. But the savings don't stop at your monthly payment - the MyMail also has the lowest cost per ink impression of any other low volume unit available. Other manufacturer's low end offerings can occasionally compete with the monthly cost of the MyMail MAX, but once you calculate ink costs it's not even close. Plus, at up to 2,000 impressions per cartridge, you get a fantastic lifespan without being forced to reorder 5-6 times per year. The MyMail's standard package includes Unlimited Resets and RateGuard, features that other manufacturers intentionally omit so they can charge you for them later. As with all postage machines, Whitaker Brothers is the only dealer to offer the Pay What You See Guarantee.

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