FP LO3070 Letter Opener (Discontinued)

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FP LO3070 Letter Opener:FP LO3070 letter opener by Francotyp-Postalia Mailing Solutions is a high volume envelope opener that can significantly increase user's productivity. Opening up to 40,000 envelopes per hour, FP LO3070 is capable of not only opening envelopes, but removing them as well. Using mill cutter technology, blade simply chips away at envelope, not slicing off top of it like other machines. This not only protects contents inside, but also leaves a soft edge that won't give you paper cuts. It allows user to control how deep of a cut they want as well. This letter opener is capable of opening packages of many shapes and sizes and up to 1/3" thick. It can hold a large stack of envelopes at a time and quickly opens stack.In addition to being very high-speed, this letter opener is also durable. mill technology as well as attached waste bin eliminate paper jams from large strips of paper and keep workspace clean and organized. It is easy to operate; user only has to stand in one spot to both feed and receive opened envelopes. user can also use optional counter to keep track of letters opened as well as change speed if they so choose.

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