FP LO3030 Letter Opener (Discontinued)

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FP LO3030 Letter Opener:FP LO3030 letter opener from Francotyp-Postalia is essential model for dealing with daily chore of opening mail, especially in an office or small mailroom setting. Capable of opening up to 24,000 envelopes per hour, FP LO3030 is quick and efficient. It can open envelopes with a thickness of up to 1/4" and even more if opened from side. It is also well-equipped for opening common envelopes used in mail today, including Tyvek and plastic envelopes.By simply slitting envelope open, there is no paper mess to clean up afterward and no possibility of a paper jam clogging up machine. It even comes equipped with a waste bin so any paper scraps are quickly swept away. FP LO 3030 is incredibly easy to operate and with its sleek, modern design and small footprint, it is a nice addition to any work or mailroom setting.

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