FP-1001 Manual Paper Folder

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This lightweight machine packs enough punch to fold up to 140 sheets per minute, running rapidly and feed free for a simple operation. Load up to 125 sheets at a time, as FP 1001 has ability to handle stock of up to 60 lbs -- not only that, but with a unique anti-static strip, it can handle carbonless and gloss coated stocks with no trouble at all. No need to unstick glossy paper, FP-1001 does it so you don't have to. Quick and quiet, a selector wheel helps with large variety of fold types FP 1001 can do, such as Z fold, double-parallel, half-fold, and much more. A self-adjusting paper weight bar puts right amount of pressure on each page, making doubled or missed paper a thing of past. You can even intermix your paper stock in exact same run, or even put in stapled sets of paper. Get your FP-1001 today for an easy, hands-free, and lightweight solution to your everyday folding needs.

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