Formax FD666 Burster (OPEN BOX)

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As part of the Formax "Medium Volume" Series of forms bursters, the FD 666 Forms Burster is the most streamlined. It can handle a tremendous number of continuous forms each minute, and is one of the units known for providing up to five hours of work each day during the regular five-day business week. A user-friendly tractor feeder ensures aligned cutting and no jams or misfeeds of the forms. The sturdy cabinet allows the heavy machine to be easily relocated via the durable casters mounted on the base. At 352 pounds, this machine is a real workhorse that is capable of reliable output. Using a conveyor to handle the output from the slitter bed, the FD 666 captures trimmings and forms in the base as well as in the output tray. This makes it a comprehensive solution for those who must handle up to four part forms that have a total weight of 100 lb paper. However, to guarantee that the FD 666 Forms Burster is a complete solution for medium to large businesses, it can be upgraded substantially. This model can be easily equipped with an imprinter and several imprint modules. These use tri-color ink rollers and a special cylinder for 2 up printing. There is also the option for extra wide margin trimmers and a center slitter for truly customized jobs. The unit can also be equipped with a very useful photo cell counter that can keep track of jobs with page counts in the six digits. The FD 666 Forms Burster can also feature a static eliminator and a power drop stacker for the bulkiest and most challenging jobs as well. This is a very reliable machine that comes equipped with safety interlocks to ensure that the user remains free of risk from trimmers. It can be equipped with a diversity of features that can make it a single step solution to processing of everything from bills and invoices to gift certificates and complex forms as well. The FD 666 Forms Burster is a good solution for larger businesses or for any organization that must process high quantities of multiple part forms. With completely adjustable form sizes (ranging from 2.375" in width to 17" in length), this makes it one of the most flexible options available, and the ease of use that this machine offers also means that it won't waste employee time in order to get consistently good results.

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