Formax FD 8906B Industrial Shredder-Baler Level 2/P-2

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With the FD 8906B, Formax has taken the 8906 Cross Cut Shredder and added a powerful high capacity Output Baler for even easier disposal of shredded materials. The 8906B is designed for facilities that need a high volume shredder for a central location. Whether its stacks of computer forms, cardboard, CD's, tapes, ribbons or even entire files, the 8906B easily handles all of that and more with speeds of up to 35 fpm. But the biggest advantage is the baler which works continuously to compact all of the shredded materials into a manageable bale which is ejected directly into a plastic bag for faster, easier disposal. Built in sensors will automatically stop the shredding process as soon as the baler is full.LED Control Panel with load indicator so operators can clearly see when maximum shred capacity is reached so jams can be avoided. Auto Start/Stop mode means the optical sensors in the 8906B will detect when paper is inserted and automatically begin shredding. Auto-Reverse will sense a paper jam and switch the motor into reverse to clear it. There is even an Auto-Cleaning mode which runs the motor in reverse for one minute to clear away and shred particles.

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