Formax FD 8650 Cross Cut AutoOiler Paper Shredder-Discontinued

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The Formax FD 8650CC AutoOiler Paper Shredder is a powerful and efficient shredder that shreds up to 28 sheets at one time at speeds up to 30 feet per minute. One exceptional feature the Formax FD 8650CC offers is the internal AutoOiler which automatically oils the cutting blades periodically, saving you time. Like other Formax models, the Formax 8650CC comes with the Auto Start/Stop, Auto Reverse, and Auto Cleaning functions. These automatic features make your shredding jobs quicker and unproblematic. The FD 8650CC is an office size shredder with industrial strength, with an extra wide 16" feed opening that handles documents, staples, paper clips and credit cards. Ideal for a centralized office, the Formax 8650 is built with an all-metal cabinet mounted on casters, heat-treated steel cutters, heavy-duty gears, and a Lifetime Guaranteed waste bin.

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