Formax FD 8602 Strip Cut Paper Shredder

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This strip cut version handles up to 31 sheets at a time and destroys up to 30 feet per minute. The FD8602SC turns you once solid pieces of paper into level 2 1/4" strips. Since strips take up more space in the waste bin, the higher the gallon capacity the better. Luckily, the high-density plastic shred bin holds up to 33 gallons of waste, perfect for this strip cut model. Not only can the FD8602SC shred your files, this machine also accepts staples, paper clips and credit cards. The LED control panel gives the user ultimate power, with functions including automatic and manual operation, stop and reverse, as well as icons to indicate door open and bin full. A useful load indicator also exists on this control panel. Lights display sheet capacity levels, and warn the user against potential paper jams or possible damage. Sensors identify when the cabinet door is ajar or the waste bin is full, and automatically shuts down the motor. The manual function is perfect for those shredding small papers or films that are difficult for the sensors to detect. If a paper jam occurs, built-in controls switch the motor into reverse to repair the problem. Notice a decrease in sheet capacity? With the resourceful Auto Cleaning function, the user simply holds the reverse button for 5 seconds, and the motor will run in reverse for 1 whole minute. When this unit requires service, the self-diagnosis system is truly useful. This system records vital shredder information, including operation time, number of auto-reverse sequences, and volume of paper shredded.

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