Formax FD 8402 Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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Not your typical office shredder, Formax FD8402 cross-cut shredder is simple enough for anyone in office to use thanks to LED control panel and a wide variety of automatic features. But this compact shredder has a lot more to offer. Inside all steel cabinet is a powerful AC geared motor with solid steel gears for top performance with only minimal noise. heat treated steel cutters are specially ground for long life with only minimal oiling. This powerful shredder easily handles up to 26 sheets at one time not to mention staples, paper clips and credit cards, at a speed of 33 feet per minute. Auto Stop/Start sensor starts operation as soon as paper is inserted. built-in Auto Reverse switches motor into reverse to clear paper jams. Door Safety Sensor and Auto Sensor automatically stop motor if cabinet door is opened or if 28 gallon waste bin is full. Maintaining FD8402 is easy thanks to features like LED Oil Indicator which flashes after every 4 hours of use to remind user to oil cutting blades for improved performance. When activated, Auto Cleaning mode will run motor in reverse for 1 minute to help clear cutting blades and improve shred capacity. If shredder does need service, Self-Diagnosis System will provide technician with valuable information such as volume of paper shredded and number of auto-reverse sequences. easy to read LED control panel provides complete control of all of these functions. With all of these features built into a compact and portable shredder its easy to see why Formax FD8402 is an ideal choice for any office environment

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