Formax FD 8252 Cross Cut Paper Shredder (New Model Available)

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Formax FD 8252 Cross Cut: Formax FD 8252CC is a high quality small shredder that delivers a convenient on-site shredding. Perfect for personal use, 8252 cross cut shredder has a shred speed of 21 feet per minute and 12-16 sheets per pass up to 9" wide. It satisfies both Level 3/P-4 security standards and HIPAA requirements with a particle size of 5/32" x1 3/16" . Safely and quickly shred sensitive items in your office (notes, letters, documents, paperwork) without leaving your desk. This deskside shredder can handle paper, in addition to credit cards, staples, and paperclips with its steel blades and gears. Not all personal shredders can handle staples and paperclips, or even credit cards, but 8252CC offers a secure and versatile shred performance. 8252, despite its small size, packs a powerful punch while remaining very easy to use. 8252 CC has automatic start and stop features as well as continuous duty operation so users can use all day. When idle or not in use for more than 5 minutes, power consumption waits at zero-energy standby mode to save energy, and will auto start once optical sensor detects an item in feed. 9 gallon waste bin is equipped with a fill-level window so users can see when to empty it. In case users don't check window, auto sensor will automatically stop motor when bin is full and prevent particle overflow. door safety sensor will also stop motor if waste bin is missing while reverse mode helps remove jammed paper. So if you're looking for a durable and secure shredder that fits right under your desk, choose FD 8252 CC today.

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