Formax FD 6306 Standard 2F Folder Inserter

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The Formax FD 6306-Standard 2F Folder Inserter has a 7" full-color touchscreen control panel, which makes jobs easier for employees. Equipped with a high-capacity vertical stacker, the Formax FD 6306 produces clean and sequenced stacks of sheets and envelopes.

Its versatility offers high efficiency of folding up to 8 pages in tri-fold and up-to 10 pages in half-fold modes. To ensure completion of each set before being inserted into an envelope, the Standard 2F Folder Inserter uses optical character recognition for accurate page numbering. The Formax FD 6306 is equipped with an eco-friendly sleep mode, which saves energy by putting the inserter into standby mode after 1 hour of no operation.

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