Formax FD 342 Paper Folder (Open Box)

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The Formax FD 342 manual paper folder is reliable and can fold any document in a quick and convenient manner. Set up is simple, with 6 folds marked on the fold plates. You can choose from z-fold, letter, half, double parallel, gate and fold out. Custom folds can easily be adjusted. Want to fold stapled sheets? No problem. With the optional multi-sheet feeder, up to 4 sets of stapled pieces of paper can be fed into the machine folder. 500 sheets of paper can be loaded into the feed tray, and this Formax letter folder machine folds 15,500 sheets an hour. Because of the drop-in feed system, fanning of the paper is not required. Output capability is unparalleled, with the unique telescoping conveyor system, which holds 500 sheets of folded paper until they are taken. The FD 342 paper folder is highly dependable and is suitable for any buyer, familiar with folding or more inexperienced. ;Convenient 3 roller, drop-in feed system that enhances precision.;High sheet capacity (500); fanning not required.;Central soft-touch display and alert panel for a number of issues, allowing them to be fixed quickly and efficiently.

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