Formax FD 282 Double Head Edge Tabber

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The improved design of the Formax FD 282 Double Edge Tabbing System means greater speed and more productivity by applying tabs at opposite sides or on the top and side of mail simultaneously. Thanks to the FD 282's combination of 2 heads, one fixed and one repositionable, mail no longer needs to be fed through multiple times. The flexible head also means the FD 282 can affix up to 3 USPS roll stamps in just one pass. The FD 282 can process up to 25,000 pieces per hour with one tab or 15,000 per hour - double tab, and 10,000 per hour - triple tab. The user friendly control panel features an LCD digital display, plus lifetime and resettable counters. The memory can store up to 4 programmable jobs, so recurring jobs with specific tabbing positions are quick and easy to run.The FD 282 is compatible with various feeders and output and as a stand alone unit.

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