Formax Cut-True 15M Manual Guillotine 16.9" Paper Cutter

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The Formax Cut-True 15M Manual Cutter provides clean, accurate cuts through stacks of paper up to 2.15" high and up to 16.9" wide. It features a heat treated, hardened steel cutting blade and an LED Laser cut line for clean, precise cuts every time. Simply load the stack of paper, adjust the back gauge using the calibrated scale, secure the paper using the geared clamp and pull down the lever cutting arm. Not only is the 15M easy to use it also has a number of safety features including front and rear transparent covers, when these covers are up, the blade is locked, and the cutter cannot be used. Blade depth can be adjusted from outside the machine and a blade change safety tool is included with the cutter. The Formax Cut-True 15M also comes with its own all metal stand as well as feet for tabletop use.

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