Formax Atlas C300 Automatic Creaser / Folder

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The Atlas C300 Auto-Feeding Creaser/Folder is a fully-automatic, user-friendly solution to solve the problem of cracking in toner-based digital prints. Utilizing a unique creasing matrix, it compresses paper fibers instead of cutting them, virtually eliminating cracks on a creased or folded edge.
The Atlas C300 produces high-speed creasing and folding in a single pass. Sheets pass through the dynamic creasing matrix and the patented floating knife folding mechanism, which minimizes marking of the digital printout. Speed is maintained, regardless of the number of creases: up to 9 sheets with 9 creases each can be produced in less than 9 seconds.
Using the graphics-based 7" touchscreen control panel, operators can easily set-up and save jobs in just minutes or use one of the six pre-programmed settings. The C300 automatically calculates the crease positions based on paper size and sets them accordingly. The powerful bottom-suction air-feed system allows for continuous loading of sheets, which increases productivity while maintaining accuracy, even with heavier stocks.
This fully-automatic air-feed creaser offers variable speed control to accommodate a wide variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses. With the ability to produce up to 16 creases per sheet, it can process up to 6,000 sheets per hour. The C300 can accommodate sheets up to 27.5" x 15.1". Perforating capabilities are also standard, with a wide range of perf wheels to suit many different applications.

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