Formax FD 7200 Special 3F Folder Inserter

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The Formax FD 7200 Special 3F offers high quality features and high speed performance. The tower feeder on the Special 3F accepts two 500-sheet Flex-Feeders on top and one 1000-sheet Flex Feeder on the bottom. The Double Document Detectors with infrared and electromechanical technology help to guarantee that the correct documents get into each envelope. Another amazing feature is the multi-page automatic insertion, which eliminates the monotonous task of manually collating and inserting. The 7200 offers an uncomplicated setup, unlimited programmable options, automatic configuration, and a 15" color touchscreen monitor. Unlike other folder/inserter brands, the Flex Feeders handle 50-page documents, coated and glossy booklets, and DVDs. The optional High-Capacity Versatile Feeders allow for high volume inserting and folding projects. Each model of the 7200 Series processes up to 4,800 envelopes per hour and 2,000 continous sheets. The 7200 is capable of reading several types of code and offers four fold options. This fast and productive machine features what is known as "Real Practical Speed," allowing the user to multi-task. Optional features include the intelligent feeders, high-capacity output, accumulation/divert deck, and functionally designed custom cabinets.

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