Formax FD 7200 HCVFi Folder Inserter (Discontinued)

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Similar to the Formax FD 7200 HCVF, the FD 7200 HCVFi comes equipped with a High Capacity Versatile Feeder. However, this particular inserter also includes Intelligence, with code reading capability. Unlike the Flex Feeders, the Versatile Feeders permit selective feeding. The HCVFi is perfect for flats and non-folding projects. The bottom feeders allow for inserting on the fly, making your inserting jobs untroublesome. Perfect for any production company with frequent high volume inserting jobs, the HCVFi can process as thin as 20# paper and up to 6mm thick media. This top loading machine can read any type of code, Single-Track OMR, Dual-Track OMR, 1D Barcode, and 2D Data Matrix Barcode. Up to 10 additional High Capacity Versatile Feeders are accepted

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