Formax FD 7200 HCVF Folder Inserter (Discontinued)

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The Formax FD 7200-HCVF is a high volume and high quality performance folder inserter. Unlike the other models in the 7200 series, the HCVF and HCVFi are equipped with the normally optional High Capacity Versatile Feeders. The high speed performance HCVF offers an additional 10 feed stations, making it an ideal contribution for any office or production company. The 15" color touchscreen monitor makes setup and job selection completely manageable. These High Capacity Versatile Feeders are capable of handling flats for non-folding projects. The 7200 Series boasts several advantages, such as the unlimited programming capability, envelope and document library, and the ability to insert a variety of media, including glossy booklets, DVDs and small inserts.

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