Duplo DF-990A Automatic Folder

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The Duplo DF-990A Automatic Folder brings together speed and ease of use in a remarkably quiet desktop folding machine. The DF-990A can fold an impressive 260 sheets per minute. While many folders only use one roller, the DF-980A use a 3-roller friction feed system to ensure fast, accurate feeding of a wide variety of paper stocks. It has 6 standard fold types pre-programmed so all you need to do is simply load the paper into the hand feed tray and the sensor detects, feeds and folds the paper.

A color LCD touchscreen lets the user choose one of six standard folds or store up to 15 custom folds for faster set up. It also includes a cross folding unit to create right angle folds for even more processing options. Not only is the Duplo DF-980A fast and easy to use, but built-in sound absorbers make it one of the quietest folding machines available.

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