Duplo 800PA Paper Cutter (Discontinued)

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The Duplo 800PA paper cutter is similar to the 660P but is a step up in power and cutting capability. With its cutting width of more than 31 inches and sufficient space behind the blade (almost 38 inches), this automatic cutter is capable of handling large sheets of paper. Because it is a hydraulic machine, user fatigue is diminished and output is maximized. A good 4 inches of paper can be cut at once, so cutting projects are completed in no time. The low-friction alloy table with air cushioning allows for easy paper movement and requires little maintenance. This air-cushion table distinguishes the 800PA from the 660P and makes it more suited for processing large stacks of paper which can be heavy and unwieldy. Equipped with an illuminated cutting line, large touch screen LCD panel and side table, this machine makes cutting a breeze. The hydraulic soft clamp, activated by an easily accessible foot pedal, provides pressure that prevents paper movement during cutting. This increases accuracy and ensures that all cuts will be perfectly precise, saving you from costly reprinting. The safety beams enable injury-free operation, instantly stopping the cutting blade if an object comes too close. With its powerful hydraulic system and blade stroke adjustment knob for extra accuracy to achieve your desired cut, the Duplo 800PA cutter ensures the highest level of precision and complete satisfaction.

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