Duplo 660 PRO Automatic Paper Cutter

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Description of the Duplo 660 PRO Hydraulic Cutter

The 660 PRO combines speed, accuracy and ease of use in a well-built, hydraulic powered cutter. The 660's easy to use, color LCD touchscreen gives the user full programmability. It has a memory that can store up to 500 jobs and 79 cuts per job. The 660 PRO can handle stacks up to 4" high, the foot pedal controlled hydraulic clamp helps ensure an accurate cut as well as eliminating excess air between the sheets. For even more precision, a light beam illuminates the exact line where the cut will be made. More accurate cuts mean less time and money spent reprinting.

Both safety and practicality are featured in the 660 PRO. A built-in safety light curtain immediately disables the cutting blade if anything gets too close. Unlike other cutters, changing the knife blade on the 660 PRO is done from the front of the machine instead of the side, making it easier to manage in tight spaces. The 660 PRO also features an anti-friction, aluminum alloy cutting table that won't rust and requires no waxing or polishing. With a maximum cutting width of 26.5" and the ability to handle a variety of paper stocks and weights, the Duplo 660 PRO is the answer to your high volume cutting needs.

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