Duplo 486P 19" Electric Cutter (DISCONTINUED)

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The 486P 19" Electric Cutter by Duplo has it all, power, performance and precision. This electric cutter can handle stacks of paper up to 19" wide and 3.14" high. The 486P uses a beam of light to indicate exactly where the cutline is thus reducing errors and costly reprints. The electronic back gauge is controlled by a variable speed hand wheel for a more accurate cut. The automatic clamp and back gauge can be programmed in inches or millimeters using the LCD control panel which can also store up to 99 programs. The cutting knife has built in light sensors that immediately disable it if an object gets too close. There is also a safety key lock to prevent unauthorized use. The Duplo 486P is made to handle various paper stocks and weights, its perfect for direct mailings, business cards, postcards, and more...

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